eBike Hire Conditions

Note: The ebikes in this trial project will be on hire from Huntly and District Development Trust

All persons wishing to hire an e-bike from Huntly & District Development Trust, and who are under the age of 18 must use the Parental Consent Form which is available separately.

All persons using the eBikes are expected to be able to cycle safely on public roads and be able to follow the Highway Code and the ‘Extra Rules for Cyclists’ (Rules 187-211).

Helmets are provided when hiring an e-bike. If you choose to decline the helmets, or choose not to wear one as advised, you will be deemed to have accepted full responsibility for this decision.

A Bike lock is provided with the e-bike. It is your responsibility to lock the e-bike securely to an immovable object using the provided locking equipment when the bike is not in use. Any loss or damage resulting from not doing so shall be liability of the person named on this form.

During the hire period, any loss or damage to Huntly & District Development Trust equipment which is not considered wear and tear by Huntly & District Development Trust, shall be the liability of the person named on this form.

Cycling is a potentially hazardous pursuit. By signing this form, you acknowledge the risks involved and agree that it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your safety, responsible behaviour, and capabilities. You agree  to indemnify  Huntly & District Development Trust , its employees, agents, and any person connected with this organisation from any liability whatsoever resulting in personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise), loss, damage and expense caused.

Huntly & District Development Trust does not provide cover for personal accident, illness, loss or damage incurred by participants. Further, the Trust’s Third-Party liability policy will not indemnify participants in the event of a Third Party being injured solely due to the negligence of the participants. The Trust’s Third-Party liability policy will however meet claims from Third Parties arising from the negligence of the Trust or its employees. Participants wishing to obtain cover for personal accident and Third-Party liability are advised to contact an insurance company or broker.