Oldmeldrum Community E-Bikes

Project Trial Phase



Community E-Bikes

EbikeMeldrum is a short trial project (4 weeks with possible extension to 8 weeks) to explore the demand and viability of a community based e-bike hire scheme.

E-bikes can transform local travel choices and reduce car journeys. They are also good fun and a great way for adults to get back into cycling.

This project is an innovation  by Meldrum Paths Group 


Hiring an E-Bike

Initially we will have 2 e-bikes available.
Three hire sessions will be available each week.

Monday  – Wednesday
Wednesday – Friday
Friday – Monday

There is no hire fee for the duration of the trial. However, we propose that a donation of  £5/session/bike, while not compulsory, would be appreciated to help MPG  cover their project costs.

Click here to hire

Bikes will be available to adults only (18+). You can hire both bikes or just one, subject to availability.

The bike hires will be collected from and returned to Oldmeldrum Square. Customers will be met outdoors at the Town Hall. Covid rules, social distancing etc will be observed.

We also have a number of normal adult bikes available at no charge. 


Its easy

Ebikes are really easy to use. We will provide safety equipment and a charger and show you how to use them.

There is a simple hire agreement and identity check and you will need to be able to store the bikes safely and use the provided locks when not in use.


Where can I go?

The bikes are designed for use on the road. There are plenty of quiet roads and lanes around Oldmeldrum and we can give you some advice about routes. The battery will take care of the hills for you ! If you are still unsure we can organise an accompanied ride for your first go.

We would also ask you not to transport the bikes away from Oldmeldrum. Our trial is all about travelling locally and leaving the car at home for short journeys. The bikes are not suitable for significant off road use.

Who can hire?

The bikes are available to adult (18+) residents of Oldmeldrum, Bourtie and the surrounding local area.

We expect that hires will be collected and returned by riding the bikes. We don’t want you to transport the bikes in vehicles. We want you to ride them away and back. 

We expect that you will have sufficient cycling ability to ride the bikes on quieter roads in and around the town. We will provide lights and a helmet. You should provide your own cycle clothing including hi-vis if necessary. We will also provide a lock which you must use when not using the ebike.

See here for the full conditions of hire


Why e-bike?

This trial project is about helping you to experience using an e-bike at a very low cost. E-bikes really can help you to leave the car at home. Use it for necessary journeys.

A leisure ride, commuting by bike, a trip to the shops, a local journey, a delivery.

E-bikes are also great fun and make it possible for people of different abilities to cycle safely together for leisure. While you will still have to pedal, the hills are much less of a problem thanks to the battery and motor assist.

If your partner is already a cyclist you’ll be able to keep up or even overtake them on the hills!

The range is in excess of 50km per charge.


Information and Research

Our project will initially last for just 4 weeks with a possible extension to 8 weeks.

We will ask you to provide a few details about your plans for the bike and your arrangements for looking after it during the hire.

We will also ask you to keep a diary of your journeys and fill in a short questionnaire about how you used the bike. This will help us to shape the project for the future.


Who Are we?

EbikeMeldrum  is a project by Meldrum Paths Group. Similar projects will follow led by Zero Carbon Daviot and Udny Climate Action.

The bikes we are using for the trial are being provided by Huntly and District Development Trust and we thank them for their support.

We intend to use this trial to provide the roots of a sustainable community enterprise linking our communities and reducing carbon emissions.


Get involved

We would be glad to hear form interested individuals or local businesses who could help us to take this project forward.

Get in touch at ebike@oldmeldrum.org