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Oldmeldrum Community

Low cost Ebike hire for travel around Oldmeldrum and the local district.
Hardtail ebike

Hardtail ebike

Community E-Bikes

We are offering flexible daily hire for just £5/day £25/week or our special winter price £75/month.

We are able to offer hires to local residents at prices well below commercial rates based on the fact that our bikes may only be used locally around Oldmeldrum and its district and in support of our sustainable travel aims. If you’d like to hire a bike for use while away from Oldmeldrum please consider using a commercial provider.

Kindly give us 48 hrs notice of your booking. We’re all volunteers and will be happy to assist you.
We will offer concessions on request – just contact us if you require this.

This project is an innovation  by
Meldrum Paths Group

StepThrough ebike

StepThrough ebike

Hiring an E-Bike

We have a number of e-bikes available for hire. Hires will include helmets and puncture repair kits.

Step-Through commuter type bikes. Suitable for mainly road use.
Hard-Tail eMTBs suitable for both road and moderate trail rides.

A range of sizes is available.

Hires will be charged at £5 per day, £25 per week, and our special winter rate of £75 per month. 

Bike hire agreement must be made by an adult (18+) however ebikes may be legally ridden on public roads by those over 13 years. 

We will offer concession prices on request. If you feel you need this just ask.

To hire your bike scroll   down and keep reading. 


Really easy to use.

Our Ebikes are really easy to use. Just switch on and start pedalling. We will provide helmets, pump, repair kit and a charger and show you how to use them.

There is a simple hire agreement and identity check (Photo ID preferred) and you will need to be able to store the bikes securely and use the provided locks when not in use.

Redhouse track

Where can I go?

We want you to collect your ebike and ride it away from and back to Oldmeldrum and use it within the local area. So you can really go anywhere within the range of the battery. Its really easy to reach Inverurie, Pitmedden, Ellon, Haddo, Daviot etc. etc. A full charge should last for at least 30 miles and usually more. There are lots of lovely quiet roads and tracks within easy reach of Oldmeldrum on an ebike. The hills are no problem – let the battery take the strain.

We really want you to use the bikes to replace local car journeys and also to increase your outdoor activity. Consider using one to commute to work or for other essential journeys such as shopping. Its great to use them for leisure as well 🙂 The battery will take care of the hills for you! 

If you are still unsure we can organise an accompanied ride for your first go.

Our scheme is all about encouraging sustainable local active travel and leaving the car at home for relatively short journeys and leisure rides. 

Who can hire?

The bike hires are available to adult (18+) residents of Oldmeldrum, Bourtie and the surrounding local area. However, we are able to facilitate hires for those under 18 with appropriate adult supervision. For example a parent or grandparent can hire a bike for their family member. 

Note that in Scotland ebikes may not be ridden on public roads by those under 13.

We require that hires will be collected and returned by riding the bikes. We want you to ride them away and back and use them within the local area.

Returning customers can now use our new locker based collection and return system. This removes the need for a handover since you should already have been shown how to operate the Ebike.

We expect that you will have sufficient cycling ability to ride the bikes on quieter roads and trails. We also expect that you will follow both the Highway Code and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code when riding the bikes.

We will provide lights, charger, repair kit and a helmet. You should provide your own cycle clothing including hi-vis if necessary. We will also provide a lock which you must use to secure the bike to an immovable object when you are not using the ebike.

See here for the full conditions of hire

Hardtail ebike

Hardtail ebike

Why e-bike?

This project is about helping you to experience using an e-bike at an affordable price. E-bikes really can help you to leave the car at home. Use it for necessary journeys.

A leisure ride, commuting by bike, a trip to the shops, a local journey, a delivery.

E-bikes are also great fun and make it possible for people of different abilities to cycle safely together for leisure. While you will still have to pedal, the hills are much less of a problem thanks to the battery and motor assist.

If your partner is already a cyclist you’ll be able to keep up or even overtake them on the hills!

The range is in excess of 50km per charge.

Bike at Pitcaple

Information and Research

Our project began back in April 2021 with a 4 week trial. It really helps us if you are able to provide information about your experience of using our bikes. Our funders will want to know how our project is progressing and your feedback is essential.

We will ask you to provide a few details about your plans for the bike and your arrangements for looking after it during the hire.

We may also ask you to keep a diary of your journeys or fill in a short questionnaire about how you used the bike. This will help us to shape the project for the future.


Who Are we?

EbikeMeldrum  is a project by
Meldrum Paths Group

The project is supported by Cycling Scotland, the Energy Savings Trust and Aberdeenshire Council.


Get involved

We would be glad to hear from interested individuals or local businesses who could help us to take this project forward.

Get in touch at

Bike at Redgarth