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Our ebikes

Our bikes are powered by Shimano motor and battery systems. They are mid-drive machines which means that the motor is assisting the pedal crank and driving through the rear wheel. This makes the bikes feel perfectly normal to ride. There is no throttle to worry about, the system starts assisting you as soon as you start to pedal. You can choose from 3 levels of power assist or even ride with the motor turned off. The motor will provide assistance up to 15mph (26kph) which is the legal maximum in UK. Of course you can ride faster but the motor just stops helping at that point. The gears are exactly the same as those found on most modern bikes so if you can ride a modern bike you can certainly ride one of our ebikes. The only difference will be the smile on your face when you climb your first hill!

Step Through Ebike

This Step-Through ebike is designed to be used mainly on paved surfaces and is great for riding in town and on local roads. It has front suspension, a sprung seat and a pannier rack. It has a fairly upright riding position and there is no crossbar. It is very easy to ride and very comfortable. There are 9 speeds on the rear derailleur and the shimano motor and battery system provides 3 levels of assist to help you cruise up the hills.

We have 3 sizes available to suit most adult riders.

Hard Tail EMTB

This Hard-Tail eBike has front suspension only. There is no rear suspension – hence the name hard-tail. The ebike has wide, chunky tyres and a 9 speed gear cassette. The Shimano motor and battery provide plenty of torque to help you along whether on the road or on local forest or farm tracks. This ebike has a sloping crossbar and a more sporty riding position but it is still very comfortable and smooth to ride.

We have 2 sizes to suit most adult riders.